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St. Louis Web Development offers a lengthy list of services related to the design and development of unique, individualized web sites. Whether you need one or all of our services, be assured that you will receive the same level of personalized service regardless of the size of the project. Basic services include the following:

Domain Name Registration:
St. Louis Web Development will help you create and register an exclusive, distinctive name for your site. If desired, St. Louis Web Development will also ensure that the registration is kept current in succeeding years.

Web Design and Development:
To be effective, your web site must be attractive and convey your message to the visitor in a concise manner. It's a proven fact that fast-loading web sites are better at gaining and maintaining visitor attention than slower loading sites, no matter how many bells and whistles are included. At St. Louis Web Development, we seek to provide clients with attractive sites that communicate the message, are easy to navigate, and deliver what the visitor is seeking; and just as quickly as technology will allow.

Web Site Redesign:
If you already have a site and it has been on-line for a while, you may be contemplating a redesign. St. Louis Web Development will be happy to assist in addressing any suspected weak spots in your current site, developing enhancements to the current site, or creating a Master Overhaul Plan to put the sizzle back into the site.

While we can do flash sites, we prefer HTML or XHTML sites with flash elements embedded. Flash sites have a purpose, but to get the client's message out in an easy to read fashion and provide better search engine indexing and optimization, we feel they rank second best. If the client insists on a flash site, we recommend giving the user a choice between the flash site and a mirror HTML site.

Online Video Streaming:
St. Louis Web Development has the capability of converting existing videos in VHS, DVD, or other electronic formats into files suitable for streaming display on a client's web site.

Content Development:
We realize that, as an owner of a business, your time is important, and it is difficult to allocate the time required to create and edit the content necessary for a successful web site. St. Louis Web Development has referral partners that can author great content and keyword use with a minimum of an owner's time.

E-mail and Form Construction:
To gather information about visitors to your site, you may wish to provide an e-mail link to yourself or a "catchall" mailbox. Depending upon the type of information you're seeking, having visitors fill out an on-line form is also an option. In either case, St. Louis Web Development will assist you in creating the link you need to gather the type of data you're seeking.

Search Engine Submission:
In order to attract visitors to your site, you have to let them know you're there. With each new web site, St. Louis Web Development will see to it that the site is submitted to the major search engines free of charge, and to as many niche search engines as your budget may permit. For existing sites, we'll be happy to help you expand your horizons by recommending additional search engines, or simply help you streamline your submission procedure.

Site Maintenance:
About the only thing in the world that doesn't change is the need to change. Web sites are no different. Regardless of whether you employ a simple billboard, or an extensive, multi-page site, you'll need to update your site from time to time. We now offer a CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, where the site owner can make changes to the content! Or, St. Louis Web Development will assist you by creating a schedule of updates, update "triggers," and we'll see to it that the information gets online is a timely fashion.

At St. Louis Web Development, we know that when you contract for a service, you want a quick response. While every project is different, and development or production times will vary according to the project, we guarantee that when we publish the production calendar, deadlines will be met. Best of all, you'll be able to review your site as it is developed from a virtually private, on-line server so that, together, we can fine tune every aspect of the site to meet your needs and expectations. For more information about St. Louis Web Development, our complete list of services, and a no-cost, no-obligation consultation please call us at 314-276-4805, or contact us by e-mail.